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With a mature vocal sound that is a solid throwback to better musical days such as the era of Motown soul, Inge can capture a crowd and never let go. His live performances go far beyond what you would expect from a recording artist in today’s music scene.

A Virginia native, Michael found his way to Nashville, where he honed his writing and performance skills at Belmont University. It wasn’t long before Michael became a major player in Nashville’s growing urban soul scene, where he learned to co-write with the best of them, collaborating with #1-hit writers and other artists in Music City. As he continued to write and perform, Michael quickly became a regular session vocalist for writer demos, background vocals, jingles—if it had words and needed a voice, he was on it.

His first songwriting cut came while writing for his own project in Germany. “Catch U If I Can” was recorded by Haddaway on Coconut Records/edel music in 2005. Michael’s next cut was with Se7en (Korea’s Justin Timberlake) on the album “24/7″ which reached number 1 in 2007. Other artists that have recorded Michael’s songs include Damien Horne, Jennifer Paige, Kelly King, and Abby Fender (Can You Duet). His songs have appeared on ABC (“Lincoln Heights”), NBC (“Parenthood”), CBC (“Heartland,” “Peak Season”), and The Family Channel (“The Latest Buzz,” “Redline,” “American Violet”). Michael is currently based in NYC, where he is writing and singing on various projects.


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